Going Green with George

Going Green with George

Now and then I like to leave out the animal protein source (wild-caught fish or grass-fed meat) on my plate. It’s delicious, provides your body with essential micronutrients and keeps protein intake at moderate levels.
Remember that protein is an essential building block for having a fit and healthy body, however too much protein is inflammatory. Adjust according to your needs. Personally I like to have veggie meals when I am taking a week off from working out.

Don’t forget to add grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil on top of eat so the nutrients of the green beans can be absorbed at the best rate possible.


2 thoughts on “Going Green with George

    1. Hey Emily! Thanks for your message!

      It is pretty easy. I cooked the green beans in a steel pot, add some water along the way.
      I cooked the lentils separately then I add them to the green beans, add some black pepper and stir.
      At the end I add grass fed butter and extra virgin olive oil. Very clean dish. Nothing fancy.

      I am just starting my blog so there is a lot more to come 🙂

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