Green Tea

The Miracle Drink


Brand new research provides evidence that green tea besides its countless benefits also boosts cognitive function. The study shows that brain pathways work more efficiently when subjects drink a few glasses of green tea before doing an examination.
You can find the article here:

I suggest having a strong cup of green tea after every meal you have. Your metabolic rate will improve, your digestion improves and you will feel energized. I specifically like the effect green tea has on my creativity and productivity. I have been drinking green Tea since I am 15 years old and it is definitely one of the most important ingredients in a healthy diet.

Make sure you get full leaf tea. You don’t have to buy expensive White Tea. Go with the Chinese Teas like Genmaicha or Chun Me. They are inexpensive and give you all you need. For a few dollars you get 100 g of Green Tea which lasts you a long time.  A smart investment!

Later when you are hooked on Green Tea you might want to take a look at my favorite supplier of Green Tea in Japan:



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