Power Protein Breakfast

Power Protein Breakfast

Fast – easy to prepare – rich in protein and healthy fats

This meal just took me minutes to prepare.  Put half a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil into a pan and heat it up. You can later eat all the oil since extra virgin coconut oil is very healthy as long as you don’t overheat it too much. Then add 2-5 organic grass fed eggs. After 2 mintues you can flip them to a nice omelet. Add beans and tomatoes on the side. If you like you can add some dill.  Make sure that the eggs are not overcooked. The egg yolk should still be liquid. Hard-boiled eggs are inflammatory and you can easily tell by the brain fog overcooked eggs cause instantly. The egg yolk should still be liquid but not overly fluid. At the end you can add some extra virgin olive oil and you are all set for a wonderful and productive morning.


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