Fast Food that isn’t Fast Food and why you should eat lots of fats

You do not have much time to cook?

You still want to stick to your diet and want to eat something healthy to lose weight effortlessly?

There is a way. Here is how.

Take some extra virgin coconut oil or organic ghee put it in a pan, add the wild-caught salmon (it is fine if you haven’t had the time to defrost the salmon in the fridge over night). Add some frozen Mexican vegetables and really heat it up for a few minutes. Stir regularly. After a few minutes turn down the heat and put a lit on.

Within 10 minutes you have a super clean meal rich in the right macronturients and micronutrients. High in protein and healthy fats and very low in carbohydrates. Add some extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil at the end. This way you slowly but steadily adjust your body to use healthy fats as a primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Plus the nutrients of the vegetables are easier to be absorbed when you add some fat. The omega 3s of the wild-caught salmon provide your brain with the right fats to fully reach your cognitive abilities. Having a balanced omega 3 to omega 6 ratio is essential for having a low body fat percentage. That is the reason why some bodybuilders like to supplement with fish oil or krill oil capsules.

The good news however is that you don’t need any supplements to be lean if you stick to the “Eat with George” diet. Getting rid of any type of wheat and milk products and sticking to grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish and organic vegetables instead automatically paves the way to lose that sticky belly fat in no time.

Be aware that the body fat that might be around your belly or hip area has nothing to do with the  healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats you find in my meals. These healthy fats actually promote health in all kinds of way, lower cholesterol and provide with the perfect setting for buying body fats all day and night.

Also don’t forget to add Himalayan Salt to give you that extra spike of energy you need for the day.

Fast Food that isn't Fast Food
Fast Food that isn’t Fast Food

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