My version of a Chicken Malay Curry and the secrets of Tumeric revealed

You have probably already heard that tumeric is one of the healthiest ingredients on the planet. However the enormous health benefits of tumeric only come into play when having considerable amounts of it. Only drawback: tumeric tastes quite bitter especially when having more of one teaspoon per meal.

So how can we consume a lot of tumeric without ruining the entire dish?

There is one option which is adding organic raw honey. However I am not a big fan of it due to the fact that via this lane we would take in a lot of fructose. Only a certain amount of fructose can be dealt daily the rest will be easily stored as body fat. That is why I like to heavily restrict my fructose intake in general.

The other way is having a  tumeric dish with organic coconut milk which is the perfect alternative. The coconut milk makes the dish naturally sweet and erases the bitterness of the tumeric. Coconuts belong to the healthiest foods in the world. They are full of nutrients, hydrate your body and provide your body with essential fatty acids. I would rank the coconut under the Top 8 of the healthiest food sources on the planet. So if you happen to live in a climate where you have access to fresh and inexpensive coconuts go for it. They were an essential part of my diet when I lived in Miami and Thailand.

Back to the recipe.

I want you to develop a natural and instinctive way for ingredients from the very beginning. This is how I learned to cook and up to this day I have a lot of success with this intuitive method.  Let your senses guide you as you match colors together, cook with your eyes and let your sense of smell be a reliable feedback mechanism.

For this dish I decided to have some organic carrots, red and yellow pepper, zucchini and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are not supposed to be in a Malay curry, however I like them due to their taste and high levels of magnesium.

2014-07-05 17.02.29

As spices I used bay leaves, black pepper, himalayan salt, cumin and of course tumeric. Normally I avoid black pepper because there is a lot of research providing evidence that black pepper has moldy components in it. However the benefits of tumeric only unfold together with black pepper. 

Add the tumeric and the coconut milk. Go easy on the tumeric first and increase the amount over weeks.  You can also add tumeric at the end before serving. Have a taste and if you feel like you could still add some more tumeric go for it. Remember, the more tumeric the better. Tumeric cleanses the body and is known for its healing properties in India for thousands of years.

2014-07-05 17.04.45 2014-07-05 17.05.56 2014-07-05 17.13.12

It is an ideal dish for the whole family. Easy to prepare and requires little clean up.  In addition you can add Indian basmati rice. However if you are on weightloss mission skip the rice.  Instead add extra virgin coconut oil, grass fed butter and extra virgin olive oil at the end and stir. 

Ready is the perfect high-fat Malay Curry that makes you lose weight effortlessly. Enjoy 🙂


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