How does sleep quality affect your ability to lose weight?



How does sleep quality affect your ability to lose weight?

The quality of your sleep is vitally important for being fit and healthy and reaching your ideal body weight. Most people don’t get enough sleep which is detrimental for anybody on a weightloss mission. Getting in 7-8 hours of high quality sleep sets you off in the right direction. Your metabolism is the driving force in regulating all kinds of processes in your body. In other words if you dont get enough sleep you have to be super careful of what you eat because your body is not fully rested and tends to put on body fat more easily and of course we want to avoid that.

Another vital element when it comes to sleep is the timing. I am sure you have happened to come across some of the studies in magazines suggesting to go to bed before midnight. In fact it is true. In the most ideal case falling asleep before 10 pm might provide you with enormous benefits. The earlier you go to bed the earlier you can get up in the morning and start your day. Research indicates that people tend to get a lot done in the early morning hours. It is a bit counterintuitive in a sense that people think they lose a big portion of their day when going to bed early, however they dont think about the enomours amount of undisturbed time they get access to by getting up early in the mourning. Wake up productive!

Furthermore it is vitally important to darken your sleep environment as much as possible. If you can’t fully darken the windows you might want to use a sleep mask. In addition cover up everything that glows. Also be mindful of bright “on and off” switches of devices. You might want to cover them up with black tape as they heavily interfere with your sleep quality. Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid EMFs which can disturb sleep. This is surprisingly effective. At the end one has to say that the quality of your sleep is way more important than the mere quantity you get. Sleeping 9 hours in an unfavorable environment might only give you the same amount of rest you get with 4,5 hours in the most ideal environment and under the most ideal conditions.

Eat with George Sleep Biohacks:

  • Avoid caffeine after 3 pm and have Magnesium Citrate (1-2 g) 1 hour before going to bed. Magnesium makes you sleep like a baby.
  • Never go to bed on any empty stomach. For reaching optimal sleep quality your brain needs glucose and ketones for sustainable energy supply during the night. Having raw honey (glucose) and MCT oil (ketones) before going to bed do just that. I personally like to add more coconut oil and grassfed butter to my dinner which I have around 1-2 hours before going to bed. You can also have herbal tea with raw honey and MCT oil.

Eat with George Personal Recommendation:

Maybe you have already began to notice that the state of mind you fall asleep with has a tremendous effect on your overall sleep quality. On top of that you might have also noticed that when you fall asleep with a feeling of gratitude you wake up with the very same emotion in an even stronger way. I like to read poems from a Persian Poet called Hafiz (“I heard God laughing” or “The subject tonight is Love” are my favorites) They put me into a vibration of gratitude and well-being and make me wake up even happier than I fell asleep the night before. Find out which thoughts or books make you feel good and grateful and get into the habit of falling asleep with the best feelings possible.

“It alwalys comes down to the same question. How many good feelings can you stand?”  – Richard Bandler



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