Find out how to burn fat faster than ever before

In this video I dwell on the enormous benefits of Intervall Training. This form of training works wonders and is ideal for losing weight fast while giving your metabolism and overall hormone levels a wake-up call.

The basic principle evolves around having a phase where you are exposed to heavy resistance (on the treadmill that would be a more difficult incline and/or higher speed) followed by an extensive relaxation phase. This training method is characterized by a pulse that is moving up and down various times during the workout resulting in an enormous energy consumption as well as to the so-called afterburner effect, meaning your body still has a higher energy consumption days after the workout which paves the way for effortless weightloss. Once you understand the basic principle you can experiment with the intervall levels. You can start off with 30 seconds heavy resistance and 5 minutes relaxation and systematically increase the time frame of the resistance while decreasing the minutes you give yourself for relaxation.

I often use this specific training technique while I am out jogging and I specifically like the fact that I get done a lot in a minimium amount of time.

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