The world’s healthiest spice and its benefits for weightloss

If I have to choose one ingredient or one type of food that is helping me to detoxify my body as well as getting rid of toxins while paving the way for effortless weightloss it would be Tumeric.

Everybody who wants to lose weight should rely on the numerous benefits of Tumeric. It not only cleanses the body but it also provides the body with essential nutrients while speeding up metabolism and strengthening immune function.

You probably already heard of Tumeric which is basically the mother of the western Curry. Tumeric has a rich history in India and in comparison to its better known brother Curry there is not a single disadvantage or impuritiy to be found in Tumeric. However in order for Tumeric to develop its full healing potential relatively large quantities have to be consumed (at least 1 table spoon – I like to have 3 table spoons) which basically constitutes a vast barrier for most people due to the fact that Tumeric is relatively bitter.


So how can you eat so much Tumeric while also enjoying your meal?

The secret ingredient is Coconut Milk. Coconut Milk is my all time favorite ingredient in the ktichen as it adds enormous taste to a meal while keeping it completely clean and free of toxins and other undesirable components.

Healthy fats
Healthy fats


How should you start making Tumeric an essential part of your diet?

Tumeric plays a big role in my personal diet. I have at least one meal with lots of Tumeric every second or third day. Start off using only a little amount of tumeric and increase the amount over time. Don’t save on the coconut milk. Coconut milk is loaded with healthy ingredients and adds a lot of flavour while neutralizing the slightly bitter taste of the tumeric. Find out what works for you – you can add it to your vegetables as well as basmati rice and chicken. Make sure to stir properly in order to avoid bitter tumeric clusters in your food.

Here you can see tumeric used in a sweet potato recipe

2014-07-30 18.22.02

Chicken – Coconut Milk – Tumeric = A Classic!

2014-09-07 19.09.46

Tumeric works as a natural detox remedy eliminating a vast variety of impurities

Due to the natural cleansing effect you might also find that your skin gets way more smooth, vibrant and beautiful. Besides chlorella and spirulina it is amongst my favorite superfoods as it can be added to so many recipes and it is super inexpensive.


The weightloss and health benefits only kick in together with black pepper

If you have been following my blog for some time now yo might know that black pepper is usually to be avoided due to the fact that most black pepper is moldy to a certain degree. Mold is a specific form of mycotoxin which creates brain fog and slows down metabolism. For losing body fat quickly we want to rely on a diet that is as clean as possible. However studies show that the healing propertiers of tumeric only unfold when combined with black pepper so I like to add quite a lot of pepper to my meal.

2014-07-30 18.30.38

I also consider tumeric an essential remedy for treating leaky gut.

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