Try simple whey protein smoothies first and start losing those pounds!

Are you looking for a time-saving way of eating paleo while providing your body with all the nutrients and amino-acids it needs while cutting stubborn body fat?

Unflavored whey protein from grass-fed cows is the answer. Over the last couple of years I have tested many whey proteins. Unfortunately most manufacturers add a ton of additives and artifical sweeteners to their product which is an enormous health concern considering the fact that whey protein has become a vital element in my daily diet.

So what do you have to look for in finding the right whey protein?

  • make sure it is unsweetened. You don’t want any artifical sweeteners in your smoothie. Get the unflavoured version. Unflavoured whey of high-quality tastes neutral and actually screams to be blended with delicious fruits or cacao. Test your taste buds – if the whey tastes off a little bit it is probably due to the fact that it is not made from milk but from an inferior cheese by-product
  • check for any additives on the package or in the description that intuitively sound strange to you – don’t buy it
  • make sure you find an unflavoured product – chances are that it is realitvely clean

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Which specific whey protein does Eat with George recommend?

There is a company called “Myprotein” selling high-quality whey protein at an inredible price. This is not an affiliate link I just want to provide my readers with the best of the best and this is it. It has taken me quite some time to find the right whey protein.

If you think you have found a product of similar quality please let me know!

So how does whey protein help me in my effort to lose weight and detoxify my body?

Unflavored high-quality whey is surprisingly receptive to natural flavours and you can blend it with a wide variety of different fruits. Just be mindful to use as little fruit as possible due to the risk of increased fructose levels. Keep in mind that your body can only deal with a certain amount of fructose per day. In order to lose weight and stay lean you want to restrict your fructose intake. Only exception to the rule is if you have home-grown fruits out of your own garden that are ripe. You can really load up on them and get the enormous health benefit due to the many enzymes and vitamins. Claim your competitive advantage!

Non-denatured pastured whey protein is also a powerful source of an antioxicant called Glutathione which is ranked amongst the most potent antioxidants on the planet. Supplementing with Glutathione proves to be quite difficult as capsules are not absorbed making most Glutathione supps on the market useless and a waste of money. The fact that whey protein provides your system with Glutathione in a natural way is my number one reason for having whey shakes. It strengthens immune function, supports in rebuilding damaged cells and fights off free radicals circulating in the body due to an inflammatory diet. As soon as you begin to incorporate whey protein into your diet you will find that you literally can feel the anti-inflammatory effects. You will feel more vital and active while enjoying the pleasant feeling of being well nurtured.

Whey protein shakes also play a crucial role in my Effortless Weightloss Plan that has helped plenty of my clients to lose weight in a very short amount of time without feeling hungry for a single second. Subscribe to my youtube channel to get a glimpse of some of my weightloss strategies.


How to incorporate whey protein in your diet?

I like to have a big scoop of whey protein in the morning hours blended with cacao or a little bit of fruits. It provides me with essential amino acids while having an excellent portfolio of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidant properties. By providing your body with this high-quality protein source you set off the day in the right direction and it will be easy to stick to a proper diet throughout the day. Notice that we want to keep carbohydrates as low as possible in the early hours of the day. You can also add MCT oil to your whey shake so that you provide your body with the power combination of healthy fats and protein. You will find that you will feel wonderful while being absolutely alert. The MCT oil provides your brain with instant energy.

Having a whey shake in the first part of the day has proven to be very successful amongst my clients and many reported to have lost the first pound the day they started the routine. I personally prefer having a whey shake in the morning over the bulletproof coffee strategy. The main reason for that is that I exercise and I need to have good quality protein early in order to hit the weights later in the day. Find out what works for you and let me know – I am happy to hear about your personal experience and learnings!


Take care,



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